Coming in May 2024!

We’re very excited to be awaiting the arrival of the EGB-1303-ATC Machine!

The addition of the new Amada EGB-1303-ATC will allow us to produce a wider range of more complicated products with ease. The new back gauge design and triple fingers will allow us to bend components with curved or tapered edges without needing jigs or additional material that have to be removed later. This will reduce down-time and costs. It also features the new 4e controller with improved functions.

The all-electric press brake with 130-ton pressing force and 3-metre bending length no longer requires any hydraulic oil, is energy-efficient in operation and simple to set up and maintain. This gives a further reduction in down-time and maintenance, also allowing for
faster and more consistent folding.

The new ATC also has a larger tool library which greatly increases our capacity.

Super proud of the addition of the EGB-1303-ATC to bolster our range!